Make Them Suffer


Make Them Suffer
Make Them Suffer have had the pedal to the metal since the release of their last album,Old Souls, in 2015. The band has toured relentlessly both at home and abroad with artists including Parkway Drive,Architects,
In Hearts Wake, August Burns Red and Whitechapel, everywhere from Indonesia to Poland and in between. They found the time to get back in the studio to create Ether, a slab of churning, ethereal noise that’s about to crack 3 million streams as well as landing the band strong triple j rotation, all the while pushing and pulling the limits of their writing behind the scenes to make something new.If Old Soulswas a cathartic, melodic step forward fromndebut albumNeverbloom’s crushing heartache,
Worlds Apart is a jump into the unknown. It’s heavy as can be but still bittersweet. Melodic, though aggressive; experimental and captivating.
Worlds Apart is a statement of intent from a band not content to repeat
themselves in a scene renowned for shunning change, and you need to hear it.“Worlds Apart represents a new era for the band,”explains frontman Sean Harmanis. “
It's the risks in songwriting and production taken in the past that lead us
to this point. The album is a reminder to ourselves that change and growth are good things, as both have been integral to the success of this band and its identity. It's tough to say so early, but I think
Worlds Apart is an album that will be in your stereo for quite some time.
It's been such a crazy ride to think back to practicing our songs on
mums kitchen floor. Members have come and gone, sacrifices have been made and we've quite seriously thought about throwing in the towel so many times. Our debut album Neverbloom gave us an extremely loyal following that saw us through an immense three-year gap between albums.Old Souls saw the beginning of this band and it's music starting to try new things, it also took the band out of Australia. I think with Worlds Apart we are now demonstrating our collective vision and what we’re capable of.”
Fr 20.10.2017   Frankfurt/Main
Elfer Music Club
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